My company managed without it so far, why do I need an explainer video?!

June 6, 2014

How do I know my company needs an explainer video?


An explainer video is a powerful online marketing tool created especially for the online business environment, apps and startups. It will benefit your business in increased conversion rates, turnover and building up brand awareness among internet users.

However, producing a high quality explainer video is not cheap, before you decide to create one, you must find out if your business really needs it.


Your business is all about unique experience


If your business, service or product is not self-explained or obvious, using an explainer video is a good idea.

The problem with unique products or services is introduction of novelty to the potential clients.

When your visitors watch the video, they will gain a clear understanding of what your product can do for them and how it is better than the products they are currently using. It also helps avoiding unpleasant misunderstandings and misconceptions about your product or service with the potential client.




The main problem today is capturing one's attention even for a short period of time.

Your potential clients are probably exposed to hundreds of advertisements and websites each day.

An explainer video is the best tool to standout of that information overflow.

According to recent studies, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. This means there is 95% he will remember the explainer video and your business when the time is right.




The rule of 4 seconds states that you have only 4 seconds to impress a new visitor or he will run away to a competitor. The best way to keep a visitor engaged to your website is to have a fun and vibrant explainer video posted in the home page of your website.

Researches show that a visitor will stay on your site for at least 2 more minutes after the video ends.

Now use the extra time you bought to get into details about your product or service with him.


All about SEO


Needless to say that engaging your visitors for longer periods of time will drastically increase your SEO.

Google robots gives preference for websites with video over older plain text/picture websites kicking your website even higher in SEO ladder.

Don't forget about the customer


Focusing on creating new traffic is good but don't forget about converting existing traffic into business clients.

Once a person decided to visit your website, try not to bore him to death with blog posts and stock-pictures hardly related to your business.

Clever and fun well placed explainer videos are better tool for conversion anyway.

According to a study by ComScore after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.


People share what they like


People love to share videos they like.

Actually more than 20% of mobile users share videos with their friends and 90% of all internet users watch videos online. The more views and shares the merrier, doesn't it?


Become a social beast


Most internet users today uses one or more social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or linkedin.

Huge number of businesses try to capture this space and reach out to the younger users of the internet by this means.

Posting a fun and vibrant explainer video and making it viral over the social platforms can create new unexpected streams of business potential.

People love sharing, but not boring products and services, they will gladly share a crazy innovative company with their friends and relatives.


Building your brand


High quality explainer video can build you brand foundation and strengthen it.

It is proved that marketing emails with a link to company's explainer video gets 50% more responses from prospects.

There is a strong connection between well-made explainer videos and brand association. People remember you and talk about you.


Bottom line


If you think that one or more points above can benefit your business you should definitely produce an explainer video.

It will prove the best investment in marketing today and a great ROI product.



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