Our Process



We get to know each other; it is the most important stage of the process. Here we will determine what is your business all about, what your needs are, what is the product you want to advertise or explain and how it should be done in your vision. We agree on the concepts, we give you a price quotation, you issue a 30% deposit and we roll to the next stage.



If we screw up this stage, it won't be pretty. But don't you worry… We never do! With your help we will build a script for the video. We know how to make it in the most representative, creative and informative manner possible. Now put your signature under the script and follow me to the next stage.



The drawing work is demanding but rewarding. It is always amazes our clients to confront their imagination face to face via our process curve. And to be honest, we enjoy it!

Voice over


Most of the message delivered from the tone of the voice, not from the words themselves. This is the only stage we outsource and pay real professional spokesmen to get the best results possible. We will decide together with you what kind of voice and intonation we need.



The magical part of the project when pieces of the puzzle fitting all together, creating live animation.

Sound and music


"Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent".



Like every proud parent it is hard to let your child go out to the real world. We truly bond to each and every of our works and it’s a special moment delivering the project to the client and to the world.